Teaching activities

Teaching courses

Since 2019/2020: Digital signal processing (EII07-TSAN)

Since 2017/2018: Image analysis II – including Deep Learning (EII09-ANIM)

Since 2017/2018: Digital signal processing (INSA EuroMed06)

Since 2013/2014: Image and Video Compression (EII09-COMP)

Since 2013/2014: Image analysis (EII08-A3 Analyse d’Images)

Since 2013/2014: Microprocessor systems (EII06-SMP Systèmes à µprocesseurs)

Since 2013/2014: Analog electronic (EII05-ELE Electronique 1 & EII06-ELE Electronique 2)

Since 2015/2016: Scientific individualized module – Image (STP04-MIS-EII Module Individualisé scientifique Electronique et Informatique Industrielle)

2015/2016: Digital signal processing (EII07-A2 Traitement Numérique du Signal)

2014/2015: Combinational and sequential logic (EII05-LCS Logique Combinatoire et Séquentielle)

2013/2016: Technology Briefing (EII07-PROJ1 Exposé Technologique)

2013/2014: C language (TCM05-INFOC Langage C)



Since 2019:  Management of the “Innovation via Research” program for the 4th year engineering students of the department EII of INSA Rennes.

Since 2017: Creation and responsible of the “Image Analyse II” module in the English program “Media and Networks” for the 5th year engineering students of the department EII of INSA Rennes.

01/01/2015 – 31/12/2015: Task Officer (in french, “Chargé de Mission”) of the International Relationship for INSA Rennes (particularly responsible for the relationship with South America).

Since 2015: Co-responsible of the international relationship for the department EII of INSA Rennes.

Since 2013: Non-official task officer of the international relationship between INSA Rennes and China.